Conical a large scale tank for high yield harvests

Sonoma by SAS designs and manufactures one-of-a-kind concrete tanks. Inspired by Roman amphoras, the tank imparts beneficial properties to the wine, making this tank a safe bet for wine producers.

The great advantage of the Conical tank’s design is that it allows the lees to move.

Among their product range, the Conical tank is particularly effective for red wines since the liquid soaks the cap, which helps to break it down and intensifies the maceration. Conical, available in four sizes and styles (31, 36, 38 or 40 hectolitres), uses a cone-shaped design that is perfect for performing delestage as when the liquid soaks the cap, it helps to break it down, while intensifying the maceration and, as a result, facilitates the extraction of the colour and the phenolic compounds. By having no edges, the design of the Conical model allows the lees to move with the wine, protecting it from oxidation.

Conical can be placed on an elevated steel, concrete or sandstone base, allowing the tank to be customised according to the desired aesthetics. In addition, thanks to its easy-clean and low maintenance design, it is made with a smooth finish and offers a one-of-a-kind join system using stainless steel accessories that do not require the use of screws, improving the reliability and durability of the equipment. In addition, thanks to its finish inside, it takes less time to clean it and uses less water.

SAS offers the option to customise the tank according to the desired aesthetics.

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Double layer structure makes it the best investment

Sonoma by SAS uses a unique double-layer system that ensures the tank has greater resistance and durability, allowing the company to offer a 10-year guarantee against cracks and fissures with all its concrete tanks.

The temperature control system used by Sonoma by SAS, is fully integrated into the tank’s walls, thus avoiding any direct contact with the wine. This avoids the build-up of any tartrates, dyestuffs or yeast and makes cleaning and punching operations easier, which offers a huge improvement to the cooling plates and coils.

Available in different sizes and styles, Conical comes in 4 models: 31, 36, 38 or 40 hectolitres.

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