Come check out our SuperEgg tank!

We’re at SIMEI in Milan and VINITECH in Bordeaux. Where will we see you?

In just a few days, the trade fair season kicks off; a wonderful opportunity to take a closer look at our range of concrete tanks. In November, we will attend the SIMEI Trade Fair in Milan and then VINITECH in Bordeaux.

From Tuesday 15th November to Friday 18th November 2022, we will be exhibiting at SIMEI in Milan, Hall 3 – Stand C 29. Then, from 29th November to 1st December, we will be exhibiting at VINITECH SIFEL in Bordeaux, Hall 3 – Stand C 0412.

It’ll be a wonderful opportunity to give all those in attendance a rundown of the advantages of acquiring a Sonoma by SAS concrete tank. What’s more, it comes with a 10-year anti-crack warranty! Come and see and touch our range for yourself and, if you’re up for it, climb inside 3 of the 8 models we have in our catalogue that adapt to any winery, no matter the size.

38hl Concrete wine tank.(fuente Sonoma by SAS)

At these two fairs, we’ll showcase the 38 hl oval-shaped SuperEGG concrete tank. This is currently the largest tank of its kind on the market. Its oval shape provides more surface area for the wine to come into contact with the lees, cutting down on bâtonnage (stirring) and saving you time in your winery. 

More information SuperEGG

9 hl NuBarrel tanks stacked in cellar (source Sonoma by SAS)

We will also be exhibiting our perfect model for small-scale winemaking: the NuBarrel.  This is a small 9 hl tank that is perfect for micro vinifications. It is easy to set up, handle, and clean.

Conical tanks placed in the cellar together with wooden barrels (source: Sonoma by SAS).

And last but not least, the 38 hl truncated cone-shaped Conical tank, making it the perfect concrete tank for délestage (a fermentation and maceration technique). Its shape means it is suitable for fermenting red wines, as the liquid permeates the cork, facilitating breakage and intensifying maceration.

More information NuBarrel
More information Conical

Discover the quality, aesthetics, customisation options and everything else about the Sonoma by SAS wine tanks and why getting your hands on one for your winery is the best investment you could make.

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