Properties of wines vinified in cubic concrete tanks

In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the use of concrete tanks in winemaking, and the truncated conical shape has particularly captured the attention of our customers. Why?

These structures are not only aesthetically striking but also offer significant benefits for the winemaking process, the character of the resulting wine, and the maximization of cellar space with easy storage.

Increased freshness. Due to concrete’s controlled micro-oxygenation, wines retain greater freshness and vitality in their aromas and flavors.

The pure expression of the fruit. Concrete neutrality allows the grape’s natural characteristics to be expressed more authentically, without interference from flavors or aromas from other materials such as oak.

Smooth and balanced texture. Tannins tend to be softer and more rounded in wines produced in concrete tanks, contributing to a more pleasant and balanced mouthfeel.

Integration of flavors. The controlled porosity of concrete favors a more harmonious integration of flavors and aromas, resulting in wines with greater complexity and depth.

Consistency and stability. Cubic tanks provide a more uniform contact surface between the wine and the container walls, promoting a more homogeneous extraction of phenolic compounds and more excellent stability of the wine’s color and structure.

Versatility in wine styles. The concrete tanks allow the production of a wide range of wine styles, from fresh and aromatic whites to structured and complex reds, adapting to the preferences of winemakers and the characteristics of the grapes used.

What cubic models do we manufacture at Sonoma by SAS?

Get to know our cubic concrete tanks! As it is a neutral material, it allows the characteristics and typicity of the terroir to be expressed.

Ideal tank for small winemaking wines. Its design makes it easy to assemble in the hold, handle, and clean.

NuBarrel- 9 hl

Our medium capacity option with all the properties of Sonoma by SAS concrete tanks.

Square- 22-30 hl

Our giant wine tank is perfect for those looking for more volume and more efficient use of space.

Tower – 54 hl

All these characteristics, which we have summarize, make wines produced in cubic concrete tanks an exciting option for those looking for wines with a pure fruit expression, a smooth and balanced texture, and greater aromatic and gustatory complexity.

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